Used in pathways:

Gender and Androgyny within Orlando by Anna De Guia-Eriksson, Student

Voyeurism and the Camera\'s Point of View by Heather Wakeman, Student

My pathway contains assets that explore the point of view of the camera and the placement of the camera as a voyeur. It evolved from a note that Sally Potter wrote on her shooting script: "The camera as a voyeur--behind something." From this note, I decided to find other assets that highlight a voyeuristic placement of the camera and thus the audience. My assets range from the camera positioning in intimate scene to Potter describing her use of character address in her director's commentary.

Questions about Sally Potter's Orlando by Kamonrat Sriharuksa, Student

a collection of questions I have after watching Orlando

Description Close up of Orlando speaking, face to camera, whilst resting against the trunk of the tree
Asset ID SPA1000003_3
Date 1992