What can you find here?

We have made archive materials available that relate to every stage of the filmmaking process, from handwritten notes by the filmmaker to production schedules and call sheets, behind the scenes photographs and publicity documents and never before seen casting footage. By documenting every aspect of production we hope to offer access all areas and ultimately provide an “out of the box” wiki in filmmaking.

How can you find it?

Please use the panel on the left to browse through the thousands of archival assets in the SP-ARK database. We have categorised all assets according to particular steps in the film-making process, each divided into a number of sub-headings. For example by selecting “Development” you will be offered a further 6 subheadings and each subheading will then offer further options to help define your search within the archive. If you are unable to locate your topic of interest please use the advanced search feature in the top right hand corner of this page.

What can you do with it?

Once you have located the item you wish to view you are able to add it to your own Pathway . You will also see who else is interested in this particular item and be able to contact them directly via SP-ARK’s dedicated messaging service. You can also print the item to be used within your coursework or alternatively share it on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter.