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My Default Pathway by Gruffudd Watts, Student

My Default Pathway by Yaiza Tormo Coronado, Student

Khiva Desert Music by Kelli Bruno, Student

This pathway follows one musical cue from production to the finished film. Although it may go unnoticed, the music overlaps between two scenes and transitions from non-diegetic to diegetic.

Orlando in the East by Christine Gledhill, Professor of Media & Cultural

This pathway is interested in role of the East in Orlando's journey

My Default Pathway by Ekaterina Lysenko, Student

sounds like Orlando by Louise Fryer, Student

sound effects and music

My Default Pathway by Marissa Hicks-Alcaraz, Student

Description Orlando Music Breakdown - Provisional, Black and white A4 computer printed, Paper
Asset ID SPA0001087
Date 29/01/1992
Scene Number 1,2,3,5,13,14,18,27,31,38,41,49,50,52,57,59,60