Used in pathways:

Orlando and it\'s Intertextuality by Georgina Cranmer,

Orlando by Sarah Fivash,

Intertextuality in Orlando: gender fluidity and the re-shaping/accentuasion of themes and essence.

ORLANDO: 1928 - 1992 by Patrick Strain,

in my pathway i will be looking at the intertexuality between Virginia Woolf's 1928 novel and Sally Potter's 1992 flm Adaptation.

Editing and Transitions by Marion Walker, Student

Examining the piecing together and connecting of a narrative through the shift from novel to film.

My Default Pathway by Peter Sutton, MA Student

My Default Pathway by Eirini Anomeritaki , CHASE PhD student

Orlando's Transformation-novel

Description Video file, Digital, The opening six minutes of the completed film.
Asset ID SPA0000209
Date 1992
Scene Number 1