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Used in pathways:

Orlando- the ending by Bella Wing-Davey,

the issue of adapting a book and bringing it into the present- the decision to have a modern ending- and the process of creating a modern ending..seeing SP process of realising this

Key scenes and themes in Orlando by Rebecca Reeves,

Sally Potter\'s Orlando and Intertexuality by Corey Hill,

Orlando intertextuality by Rachel Mathias,

Adopting Orlando by Ksenia Petrova,

The adaptation of the Novel by Wirginia Wolf "Orlando" and the research of the material used during the filming.

ORLANDO: 1928 - 1992 by Patrick Strain,

in my pathway i will be looking at the intertexuality between Virginia Woolf's 1928 novel and Sally Potter's 1992 flm Adaptation.

Orlando - Initial Ideas by Sarah Miles,

My Default Pathway by Harveen Panesar, Student

Adapting Orlando: From Word to World by Aniya Das, Student

In writing Orlando, Virginia Woolf had to her disposal the infinite power of the English language. Using her imaginative flair for writing, Woolf was able to vividly describe and create the world in which Orlando lives; we are transported through time, and to incredible landscapes all across the globe with ease. Sally Potter then, had the largely more difficult task of physically recreating this diegetic world. Through this pathway I will explore the real life locations Potter used to create Orlando's world, and the reasons behind these choices.

My Default Pathway by Joel Nazar-Zadeh, Student

My Default Pathway by Joel Nazar-Zadeh, Student

My Default Pathway by Rochelle Miller, MA Student

Description A4 pages, handwritten, Paper, Pre-draft handwritten notes on key scenes
Asset ID SPA0000091
Date 24/10/1988