Pathway: My Default Pathway by Kaitlyn Sunabe

Watercolour mounted on black card, with b/w photocopy, Paper, Painting of tents on frozen Thames

Page 19 of main sequence storyboards showing scene 32, Orlando and Sasha on deck of the Russian ship, handdrawn in black ink on white A4.

Black and white A4 computer printed, Paper, Revised draft of screenplay

1 x A4 black photograph album; 34 vellum pages; 24 x colour prints, Mixed, Presentation book containing Sally Potter's notes on the film and colour photographs of Tilda Swinton at Hatfield House

Handwritten notes marked "4" in red ink on white A4 paper

Page 3 of main sequence storyboards showing ladies in the Royal enclosure (England), Orlando and Euphrosyne, Sasha in front of the bonfire, handdrawn in black ink on white A4.

Original Novel, Page 28, yellow side highlight, pencil, blue bookmark "Sasha and Orlando…", Page 29, yellow and red side highlight, pencil in text

1 x colour slide in transparent plastic hanging sheet, Digital, Film Stills - Scene 14 - (Tilda Swinton) and Sasha (Charlotte Valandrey) in the film