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Running in ORLANDO by Sian Torp, Student

There are several points throughout the film when Orlando takes off running. It occurs several times at several different points in the film which caused me to raise suspicion... is there meaning behind the running scenes? Upon further analysis of each running scene I discovered that each is different; however, they all share similar elements. All of them seemingly occur after Orlando is upset by something, whether it be when the woman he loves rejects him, when the Archduke offends her, or during battle when she runs through the trenches. Orlando only runs when something is amiss in his/her life. The running scenes are also interesting because they are mostly shot with Orlando running away from the camera as if he/she is running away from the audience or his/her present circumstance. Additionally, all the running scenes occur outside, continuing the theme with nature. Finally, the film’s last scene shows Orlando's daughter running; however, she is running towards the camera, happily, rather unlike her mother who runs away from the camera when she is upset.

Description Long shot of Orlando marching away from Archduke Harry
Asset ID SPA1000480_3
Date 1992