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Used in pathways:

Cross-gendered voice by Jo Stephenson,

The way in which the voice is used throughout the various drafts of the film to merge gender boundaries, and to transcend the traditional, biological limitations of a character's sex.

Gender in Orlando by Amelia Jefferies, Student

The Fluidity of Voice: Changing Gender Expectations Through Song by Carrie Barnhouse, MA Student

This pathway traces the use of the falsetto in Orlando as a symbol of transformation/alteration in gendered meanings through its position as herald throughout the narrative. The voice acts as construct for the subsequent reversal of bodily gender norms. It highlights periods of transition or translation for Orlando.

Costumes in Orlando by Andrea Paul, MA Student

Role transformation reflected through costumes

EDITED: Costumes in Orlando by Andrea Paul, MA Student

My Default Pathway by Emily Eyre, Student

Crisp's pathway through gender by Karl McCool, Student

Description Black and white A4 computer printed, Paper, Revised draft of screenplay
Asset ID SPA0000012
Date 01/05/1990