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Adapting book to film: key scenes of Orlando by Anna De Guia-Eriksson, Student

My Default Pathway by Gruffudd Watts, Student

Self-Reflexive Cinema by Vicki Callahan,

examples from the film that serve as examples of self-reflexive cinema

Orlando and Dogs by Alexander DeGiulio, Student

For Orlando, dogs represent a source of protection, comfort and companionship. Yet they also stand as a symbol of Orlando's obedience. Dogs play an important role in explaining Orlando's subservience to Queen Elizabeth and act as a form of protection against the cunning nature of Nick Greene. Yet, their most important function is one based around comfort and companionship. Two dogs lay by his side during the first endless sleep. A dog first welcomes her back to the estate after her absences. And more importantly, dogs continually stand by Orlando's side throughout the entire first half of the film. Dogs truly are a man's best friend.

Description Page 8 of main sequence storyboards showing Sasha, Vere and dog, Orlando, Euphrosyne, Isham and Sasha, handdrawn in black ink on white A4.
Asset ID SPA0002535
Scene Number 14