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Used in pathways:

Quentin Crisp by Carolina Gonzalez ,

Pictures and mentions of the actor

Pathway 2: star intertextuality by Emily Andrews,

The intertextuality of stars in Sally Potter's 'Orlando'. Explore how an actor's parcipitationand performance in a film creates new meaning.

Gender & Identity - Intertextuality in Orlando by William Innes,

An exploration of intertextuality in Orlando through themes of gender and identity. I have chosen this approach as the most obvious, yet complex and interesting theme in Sally Potter's and Virginia Woolf's work. Same person/Same story. No difference. Just a different sex/Just a different medium.

Fluidity of Gender. by Suzanne Harris, Student

Looking at the adaptations of gender ideas from Woolf's novel to Sally Potter's film.

My Default Pathway by Celso Castro, Student

My Default Pathway by Nicole Moir, Student

The Royal Pathway by Emily Nabasny, MA Student

The Concept of Gender in the Film Orlando by Tara Campbell, MA Student

My Default Pathway by Meghan Longo, MA Student

My Default Pathway by Karl McCool, Student

My Default Pathway by Jasmyn Castro, Student

Crisp's pathway through gender by Karl McCool, Student

Description 1 x colour slide in transparent plastic hanging sheet, Digital, Behind the Scenes Images - Quentin Crisp in makeup
Asset ID SPA0000450
Date 1992