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Hauntings: Woolf\'s Orlando as Ghost by Sophie Mayer,

Looking at the presence of Virginia Woolf\'s novel Orlando in Potter\'s cinematic adaptation, thinking particularly about ideas of haunting and ghosting.

virginia woolf - women and film by Bella Wing-Davey,

Influences upon adaptation by Leanne Furneaux,

Orlando by Gurpreet Nota,

Intertextuality in Orlando, in what ways are the aims of Woolf and Potterthe same/different? by Sophie Durham,

An exploration into the ways in which Woolf and Potter construct their versions of Orlando and how these show similar motives as authors, or perhaps how these motives might differ, possibly due to the fact that they use different mediums to tell the same story.

Cross-gendered voice by Jo Stephenson,

The way in which the voice is used throughout the various drafts of the film to merge gender boundaries, and to transcend the traditional, biological limitations of a character's sex.

Intertextuality and the Visual Portrayal of Gender in Sally Potter\\\'s \\\'Orlando\\\' by Rosamund Attwood, Student

How did Sally Potter approach the task of bringing to screen the literary exploration of gender demonstrated in Virginia Woolf\'s book?

My Default Pathway by Charles Tirella, Student

My Default Pathway by Harveen Panesar, Student

My Default Pathway by Nicole Moir, Student

My Default Pathway by Robin Walmsley Reynolds, Student

Narrative & Identity by Genevieve Havemeyer-King, Student

Concept & contextualization: Potter's exploration of identity and self-narrative through a multiplicity of histories.

The female and the other by Easmanie Michel, Student

The female consciousness throughout the film. Orlando supports the poet because of his otherness

Description A4 pages, Paper, Typed notes on Virginia Woolf's ideas about the future for women
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