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Hauntings: Woolf\'s Orlando as Ghost by Sophie Mayer,

Looking at the presence of Virginia Woolf\'s novel Orlando in Potter\'s cinematic adaptation, thinking particularly about ideas of haunting and ghosting.

Orlando and intertextuality by Sam O'Sullivan,

Exploring the intertextual nature of Sally Potter\'s Orlando

Orlando intertextuality by Rachel Mathias,

Orlando by Faiqa Ahmed-Khan,

Intertextuality in Orlando

Orlando by Hannah Burbach,

let's see what happens

Orlando: Book to Movie by Andrew White,

As part of my Film Studies course, I will be using various strands of investigation into how a very personal piece of literature can be re-moulded into an equally personal film project. At the moment I have no clear strategy but as I work my way through this domain, I will attempt to make a coherent pathway that will enable me (and anyone else foolish enough to tread in my footprints) to make some sense of the transference from paper to celluloid

Orlando by Abigail Stroman,

Exploring Intertextuality in Orlando

Orlando\'s Book by Sophie Mayer,

How does Orlando's manuscript come into being?Where does writing happen in the film and what does Orlando's manuscript mean?

My Default Pathway by Clare Holden, Professional

My Default Pathway by Rochelle Miller, MA Student

My Default Pathway by Peter Sutton, MA Student

Different Medium, Same Story by Sydney Greve, Student

FH&H by Martha Diaz, Student

Description Black and white book pages, Paper, On Tour With '-Sally Potter's diary published in 'Projections 3' on 21/03/1994
Asset ID SPA0000492
Date 21/03/1994